Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organizing your coupons

There are several methods to organizing coupons:

1.) Envelope or accordian coupon holder- Of course the basic one is an envelope or the accordian style holder(sold at many dollar stores). This is a basic divider that can hold a minimal amount of coupons but can easily be carried into a store and stored in your purse.

2.) The Shoe box holder. The next style I have tried is the shoebox holder. Taking any box(shoebox or even sturdier is a rubbermaid shoe box). Then you can make dividers and store coupons in the box. Some may even be able to keep the lid on so that they dont spill(which I had happen many times!). This box can easily be carried into the store and set right in the front of the cart to have easy access to your coupons.

3.) The binder method. This is the final path I have taken to organize my coupons. It is time consuming but I can easily flip the pages to find my coupon I need. You just use a 3 ring binder and install baseball card inserts to store the coupons.

Depending on how many coupons you cut, keep and use will depend on which method you use. Since I have been serious couponing for almost 4 years I have jumped to step 3 and have expanded to having 2- 3" 3 ring binders for all of my coupons. On weeks where we get many coupons, I also have the shoebox to first organize my cut coupons by category before inserting them into the binder. This makes it easy since I have the 2 binders and so many different sections.

Which method do you use or plan to use? Please comment below. Do you have any comments or suggestions for others?

Stay tuned as we continue talking about Coupon Organizing and helping new couponers to get organized!

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