Sunday, January 20, 2013

Building a Stockpile!

Couponing is not just for those who can't pay full price etc. Couponing is a way to save money and to get more for your hard earned money!

With today's economy, building a stockpile is a great idea! Of course you probably have a great job etc, but what if you lost it tomorrow. How would you feed yourself, family etc.

Starting to build a stockpile can be easy and you can make it as big as you want. I have been couponing for almost 4 years now and am finally starting to get a decent stockpile going. This includes food, toiletries and more.

Step One: When there is a great week for coupons, buy more than one paper. Many times there can be high value coupons that help you to get an item free or very inexpensive(stock-up price).

Step Two: Find a pantry, closet, box etc to start storing these items.
Many will laugh but my unorganized stockpile is spread out.

 I have a good 10+ dishsoaps under my kitchen sink, plus atleast 10 boxes of dishwasher tabs.

Under my bathroom sink is all my shampoo, conditioner and bodywashes. At one point I have had a total of 50+ shampoo/conditioners under there. As I find great deals I continue to add to it(and these are not the 1.00 shampoos either. This stockpile includes name brands like Dove and Herbal Essence!)

We have a hallway closet which has to be organized constantly because I continue to find deals. This closet has food, more toiletries, candles and more.

I also have an old dresser in my garage that I started  filling with Toothpastes, toothbrushes, razors and women products. I have a good 25+ toothpastes, atleast 15 women razors and probably 5 mens razors in there.

When you can use a coupon and get a tube of toothpaste for free or .25 after ECB's at CVS, would you rather do that or pay the full price of 3.99 or more? Not rocket science eh!

Do you have a stockpile? What items do you try to stock up on? Comment below to help others!

Happy Stockpiling!

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