Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CVS trip 1/22

I ran into CVS yesterday morning to do a quick trip and here is what we got...

Starting ECB's $17.00

Purhcased: 1-12pk Diet coke 2.50
1-12pk sprite 2.50
1- Speedstick deodorant-$2.99
1-Irish spring body wash $3.00
2-Crest toothpaste $5.98
1- Colgate optic white toothpaste $3.00
1- Colgate optic rinse $3.00

$22.97 before tax

used .75 off colgate coupon
         .50 off crest toothpaste
         .75 off crest toothpaste(p & g mailer)
       1.00 off speedstick
        1.00 off irish spring bodywash
        1.00 off colgate optic white rinse
       17.00 in ecbs

Total $.97 plus tax!!!

Received back 1.00ecb for green bag tag, 6.00 for colgate/softsoap deal, and 4.00 for crest products. Also have 5.00 toward the spend 30.00 get 10.00 cash card

I also submitted on Ibotta for 4.00 and they paid me right away, so this was a moneymaker!!

Have you been to CVS this week? How have you done?

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