Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sister's Wedding Day is Coming.........

Some of you may know that my little sister is getting married this year.  I am her Matron of Honor and my girls are the flower girls.  Of course it is so difficult for me to help her as much as I should because I am over 1200 miles away.  Most of my family is in Michigan(freezing at that!) and we are in Florida.

I am in the midst of planning her Bridal Shower to be held in May..woohoo... I get a weekend away :)
Many of you may be married or getting married or have thrown showers before.  I could use all the extra ideas I could get as to centerpieces for the tables, games and so forth.  So if you would like comment back with any ideas you may have to help me get this planned a little simpler!  Though I may not use all of your ideas, I would love the comments.

Goodbye for now,


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  1. **Bingo

    **50/50 Raffle.. Some body did that before I think remember. 50% for the Guest & 50% for the Bride..OK Groom too! #__ of Tickets For $___

    **How many words that can be made from**..state a word.. like Bride, Wedding..etc. This can be done while sitting around & close to end of the Shower announce the winner.