Monday, January 11, 2010

My Shopping Trips 1/3- 1/10

Well of course I told you about my Publix trip last Sunday where they paid me to shop :)

Publix- Had to get 2-2ltrs. of Mt. Dew for Hubby- No coupon saved .19 Spent 1.50.

Then on Thursday, hubby, kids and I went and got a few things at Publix. I learned that hubby doesn't like to shop when I want to see if I have a coupon for that and kids got annoyed at the trip taking so long... so from now on I am trying to go by myself :)

Anywho: Publix- I am not going to itemize since it was a crazy trip but we spent: $90.41 and saved $78.94 :)

I made several other trips thoughout the weekend, catching a few deals and grabbing a few things and then I went to Albertson's yesterday with my mother-n-law. They had a great meat sale going and I really needed to stock up some. What made me sad was my mother-n-law spent less and saved more than I did. How did that happen? I am the one teaching her!

Albertsons: Spent 109.56 and saved $106.11

Grand total for the week- Spent $270.63 and saved $252.22.  Ikes I didn't even save half. Okay so the new year isn't starting off as great as I would have thought but again hubby was throwing items in cart without coupons...Men, I tell ya!

So lets hope that the next couple weeks get better. I won't be doing too much shopping since cupboards are pretty full and we are well stocked on meat!

Goodbye for now, Kristen

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