Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coupon Trader

Do you constantly have a stack of coupons that you don't use and go to waste by the time they expire?  Do you clip every coupon in the paper? Do you have pet and baby coupons but no pet or baby? Wait, I must be talking about myself again... okay, okay.

What I would like everyone to do, is comment to this post with coupons they have available to trade. For instance, I have 1- $1/3-Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers exp. 2/28/10.  A person can comment and say that they need that coupon and may have coupons to trade. They would leave their email address in that post and then I would email them to make that trade. Possibly trading for fruit snack coupons or something the girls love and we both would make out on the deal!

Lets start this and see how it goes.  Please don't be shy.

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