Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back In Action

Ikes...can't believe I havent been posting in a couple weeks. I hope all of you have still been finding the deals. We have had a lot of stuff going on recently and I have not been able to sit at the computer in a while. Im going to try and get caught up this weekend and get some deals posted. 

I still cant believe the holidays are right around the corner.  This years goal of course is to find the best deals around town and to stay in a low and reasonable budget. Let's see how well we can all do and please help share your stories.  A big thing to help in your hoping might be SwagBucks. If you look on the lower right of the main page you will find Swagbucks. I use this toolbar daily and gain points. Then I order $5 cards for 450 points. So far I think I have gotten $25 in my Amazon account. Mostly by Swagbucks but also with surveys. Lets see how much more I can gain to help with the Christmas Shopping.

Does anyone else have any great ideas?

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