Monday, June 14, 2010

Where in the world....

Okay, so it has been like weeks since I posted anything... I know, I am so sorry.

I went up north for my sister's bridal shower and it was wonderful!  She got so many waffle makers, crock-pots, and love duplicates!

We MOVED!  Wait, did I ever say we were moving? Nope, we had an opportunity to move to a nicer neighborhood and have the Girl Scout leader right across the street. Cul-de-sac road, tons of kids and the girls love it!  The can ride their bikes etc..without any cars zooming by them!

And of course, there is probably more blah, blah, blah stuff that has happened as well....but let's skip all that stuff!

I am back rolling along deals this week at Publix and CVS with very minimal amounts OOP! My mother in law has gotten CVS down pat and needs help with Publix I am going to help everyone in getting that going.  I will let you know what deals I have done at both stores and so forth!

Please stay tuned, working full time, still unpacking and the kids and family life keep me busy, I am going to get back into it just please be patient!

Thanks, Kristen


  1. Welcome back
    I will be moving soon too so I totally understand!

  2. Thanks is so busy another week went by........ I will be getting back into the swing of it dont worry :)