Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Publix Trips.....savings of $46.00

Trip # 1-

1- Purex 64 load laundry soap- sale 4.99 (2.00 off) No coupon
2- Glade carpet deodorizers- 1.99 each No coupon
4- Vitamin D Sundown Vitamins 2.99 each used 2 $6.00 off Publix green adv. coupons and used 4 1.00 off peelies on bottles.

Used $5/20 save-a-lot competitor coupon

Spent ....... .21 saved $23.00  woohoo!

Trip #2-

2- Diet A & W Cream soda 2 ltrs.- 1.79- no coupons
2- Diet Mountain dew 2 ltrs- 1.69- no coupons
2- Vitamin D Sundown Vitamins 2.99 each used 1 $6.00 off Pub. green adv. c and used 2 1.00 off peelies
2- Vitamin B6 Sundown Vitamins 3.59 each used 1 $6.00 Pub green adv. c and used 2 1.00 off peelies
1- Swiffer Refill cloths 4.99 used 2.00 off c(found in swiffer sweeper box)

Used $5/20 Save a lot competitor coupon

Spent 2.60(not as good as Trip #1) and saved $23.00  (could have left out a bottle of soda and total would have been less! oop)

So for a total of $2.81 I got $48.81 worth of products today! I think that was a good about you!

Have you been saving lately? Please comment on this post and let us know what you have saved!


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  2. Amy said...

    Congrats on the savings. I really wish we had a publix back in MI, they seem to be such ... well, better shopping trips than i can ever manage at krogers. Now, when you figure your oop, do you take tax into consideration or is it all pre tax?

    Ive been doing some shopping at walgreens especially with the body wash sales they have had lately... and the rr, makes my OOP be just tax lately (well i did get a 20oz mt dew so that threw it up a little ...i was craving a filler)

  3. You must teach me how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!