Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Weekend and Reader Survey and Task!

Alright everyone, well it is almost the weekend and we have family in town again! Woohoo... No time for anything because we will be running around everywhere. One cool thing is that my brother-n-law said he will work to help me get my site on a regular website like a .com or something!

Reader Survey: Please comment on this post!

1.) What store deals would you like to see?

2.) What more would you like to see on this site?

3.) What dont you want to see?

Reader Task: I am asking that each reader take the time to post on facebook or twitter or email to friends about my site and ask them to sign up. Please comment on this post about the questions above as well as comment that you asked friends to sign up. I will pick some random winners for an couple envelopes of coupons! I am supplying these coupons and they are already precut and ready to sort.

Contest ends on Monday at 12pm.

Have a great weekend all! I do have some post scheduled and will try to still get some more on there, but if you dont see much of me, you know im at the beach getting my tan on for my sister's bridal shower next month!

Goodbye for now, Kristen

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