Friday, August 27, 2010

Wowsers...time has flown...

Okay, well I haven't been blogging in a while.  Life has been very hectic. My sister's wedding went wonderful and she was a model bride! The driving of the trip was very long...and cramped but we all survived!  My little one turned 5..trying to still unpack and reorganize my house....School started....PTA meetings...Box Tops...and more.... Holy Moly I have been busy, but I haven't stopped catching the deals.

My goal is to hopefully get atleast one post out a day... Im not making promises but I want to make sure you guys are catching the deals too!

Remember.. I usually get several papers each sunday so I get more coupons. I also grab any Blinkies(coupons at grocerystore on shelves etc..Hangtags and peelies, I print many good coupons as well.)

So happy couponing and saving and lets see what we can do!

Have a great weekend everyone and keep your eyes open for the deals to start rolling in!

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